The 2020 Forecast For Online Gambling… It’s Going To Be Big!

Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash

It’s that time of year again. Yes, the predictions for 2020 are in across gaming and when it comes to gambling games, it could well be another landmark year.

The arrival of the likes of online bingo and casino in the US, with laws now passed, have taken it to the next level and with brands allowed to advertise via Google from next year we can continue to expect bigger and better things.

So, what can we expect from the key areas of gambling in 2020?


Bingo is massively growing in popularity at the moment and 2020 is expected to grow even further.

Online bingo is attracting new audiences thanks to offline events and new variants attracting a younger crowd.

You can play slingo bingo online today, one of a number of new variants, which combines bingo with slot machines to add to the excitement. New variants will be expected in 2020, while better graphics will make these games more interactive than ever before.


Virtual reality will become more prominent in casino, and perhaps even bingo, next year as headsets become cheaper and more accessible and technology becomes more advanced.

VR is being offered by some casinos, and we expect more to follow next year, creating more immersive gaming than ever before. What we also expect to see is themes of games and design to be more gender neutral and appeal to both sexes. It’s a trend that has been dominant in the latter months of this year and that will continue.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is perhaps the biggest side of online gaming and sports such as football, NFL and horse racing are huge among punters.

Apps and sites are becoming more engaging, with live streaming, live stats and in some cases even community networks allowing punters to chat to each other.

Social betting will be big once again in 2020 and we can expect more live streaming than ever. Of course, licences are required, but with many major bookmakers already having the rights to stream leagues like La Liga, Serie A and NBA, will it be long before they are streaming Premier League fixtures?

As well as this, new offers will be the order of the day as it becomes even more competitive, while across all three industries, safety and security measures, alongside new deposit and withdrawal methods, will give customers more confidence than ever in their products.