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Most likely earlier, for example the period before last, your balance was negative, and the income for the last period overlapped it. Try to look at the statistics for a longer period.

To recover your password in the authorization dialog box, click on “Forgot your password?”, enter your login, and follow the instructions from the letter to which the account was registered. If the letter didn’t come, don’t forget to check your spam folder, sometimes e-mails can get there.

You can change the password in the profile settings. To do this, just enter the old password and 2 times enter a new password in the appropriate fields and click “Change Password”.

To change your details, write a request to the Support Service at support@melbetaffiliate.net

Partner program

All payments are usually made by the end of the day.

Active webmasters can order the necessary promo materials from us and we will make them. Contact us on this page https://melbetaffiliate.net/contacts/. Text reviews of projects are provided to webmasters who have more than 500 unique visitors per day on their target resource, or generate more than 100 first deposits per month in the affiliate program.

Most likely earlier, for example the period before last, your balance was negative, and the income for the last period overlapped it. Try to look at the statistics for a longer period.

Promotion and tools

The best way to convert traffic is from search engines (SEO). With a skilful approach, it is possible to convert sports traffic from social networks, but before you do that, learn what SMM is and what it is “eating”. Buying traffic is also real, but it all depends on its quality, as well as how well you know how to “prepare” the visitor to the transition to the target site.

The main methods of attracting players are as follows:

  • Promoting your own sites on the BC-theme in search engines.
  • Creation of dorways.
  • Attraction of traffic from social networks (FB, classmates, instagram, etc.).
  • Buying traffic (arbitrage) both in advertising networks and directly from site owners.

We have implemented a new traffic management system. Traffic redirection schemes using your redirector link allows you to ensure stable access to the BK. The redirector link will always send players to an unblocked alternative BC domain in case the main site is banned, and redirect to another available domain in case of failure or high load on the server. The redirector allows to avoid loss of traffic.

Switzerland, Netherlands, USA.

Statistics and revenue

Basic schemes for working with partners:

1. You will receive from 25% of BC income (Default).

2. CPA assumes a fixed payment for the brought players, who fulfill the agreed conditions.

3. Assumes the earnings from brought in partners (partner brought in by other partner is called a sub-partner) in our affiliate program, which is from 3% of the total income of the partner company.

Players sometimes win, so in the RevShare income sharing scheme, the partner, like the BK, also incurs expenses. Minus balances are covered by the income from the losses of other players, and, accordingly, to be always in the plus, the number of attracted players should be constantly increased.

There is no answer to this question. It all depends on the effort you put into it. Many of our partners earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

The Partner can receive commission funds automatically every week on Tuesday on his game account for payouts, but only if these funds exceed the minimum for payout values of 1500 rubles or 30$. If the Partner doesn’t have such sum, the funds will be automatically transferred, and so until the necessary sum is accumulated. Negative balance is also carried over to the next month.


Cookies are stored for 30 days.

You can attract players from any number of sites of any subject.
You can add more than one website to the affiliate program.

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